Check out my work as a visual effects artist on Gotham and Minority Report (the TV series) as well as in The Conjuring 2. You'll see my digital compositing work on Pitch and Lucifer. I've worked for Sony, Hulu, Netflix, WBTV, New Line Cinema, FOX.  My commercial clients include Royal Bank of Canada, Tangerine/ING, Microsoft, Jinko, Nissan, milestones, EpiPen, LG, Filmotechnic, Nissan, Ford, Jaguar, Railway Association of Canada.

Here's examples of my work and the services I provide:



In digital compositing, I replace live-action material with one color with other material to present a seamless and realistic image. Think of a weather forecaster standing in front of a green screen, which is then composited to show the various weather maps needed. I can help you create virtual sets that are so realistic that you can't tell where the live action stops and the CGI begins.


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